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Category: Essays

[OWLS] The Vision of Suga’s Shadow?

Welcome back to my first OWLS post of the year. Actually, I’m a little late in posting but don’t tell anyone, although you guys probably know that since Fred mentioned […]

[OWLS] Learning From Fantasy?

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog for another OWLS blog post. I think today we’ll just get straight to the point because this huge bag of candies won’t eat […]

[OWLS] Yearning for the Unknown

Hey guys! Welcome back to this little corner of the internet. If you’re reading this, chances are you were redirected here by Auri’s post about the beautiful series (that I […]

[OWLS] A Second Chance At Life

Can you guys believe OWLS is already on its 3RD YEAR?! I couldn’t believe it either but when I was updating my pages I had the cold hard proof of […]

[OWLS] Mihashi’s Revival At Nishiura High

A new year implies “new beginnings.” Yet, rather than discussing the “new,” we will be discussing the “revival.” “Revival”  has multiple definitions, but the meaning we will be focusing on […]