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Nov 2020 #theJCS is LIVE!

Wow this post is four days overdue but YES, it’s time for the November Jon’s Creator Showcase and I’ll be hosting again. It’s kind of crazy to think about it but not only is the year almost over but the U.S. elections are currently happening. Actually, maybe I should have thought of that before I signed on for November… just kidding, I love hosting these whenever I get a chance to

But some of you might be new to the Jon’s Creator Showcase and might be asking, WHAT IS IT. Well, you’ve come to the right place, sit down young grasshoppers and let me tell you the story. You see, it happened many millenia ago when the Earth still hadn’t formed…

Ok, I’m not actually good at storytelling and MAYBE I exaggerated. Maybe the Earth had already been formed by the time our brilliant community gatherer, Jon Spencer, decided to bring content creators from far and wide together to a virtual party filled with preening and bragging. Yup, you heard it right. The Jon’s Creator Showcase is basically an online event (usually posted on a blog, but perhaps this might develop later on) where people – bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, cosplayers, writers, artists, etc. really the list is endless! – submit something they made and a host (in this case moi) puts it all together with some fancy sparkles for the rest of the community to view

Last month Arria from The AniManga Spellbook rounded up the best of September HERE and if you’d like to see previous Showcases, check them out HERE. And, well, now it’s my turn to host!

What to Submit?

Every host does things a little different but the general “rules” tend to be about the same, so I will be accepting submission of any type, granted the work was created in the month of October. So if you made a blog post you were particularly happy about, a vlog, an AMV, a music playlist, a podcast (or maybe you were featured in an episode), a story (original or fanwork), a script, an essay, an art piece, ETC – You can submit it and I will shower it with some well deserved love!

The only requirement is that your work be respectful. And yes, NSFW content is acceptable. For our showcase browsers, don’t worry, I’ll label these posts when they go live

And you all have until the end of November to submit your works! Lucky for me December 1st lands on my day off so I’ll be posting the roundup for November around mid-day then

Feeling Shy?

Submissions are usually collected on Twitter but if you’re feeling shy or don’t have a Twitter, don’t hesitate to send me some links via other means! I have a contact sheet here on the blog

And last but certainly not least!

Ok, you got me. How Do I Submit?

Glad you asked!! So there’s ONE more requirement for joining the fun but no worries, it’s totally pain-free and easy to do. When you submit your content, I’d like you all to tag 1-3 (ideally 3) other people who you think would love to show off their work too. Also, don’t forget to tag me (@sleepy28s) and to use the showcase tag (#theJCS) so that I can find your submissions. I will also be liking, RTing (sometimes even QRT), AND adding your submission to this Twitter Moment

Usually we all just respond to the tweet of whoever tagged us but please, feel free to jump in if you haven’t been tagged yet! Either reply to my original tweet with that cute sleeping boy or start your own thread (but PLS make sure to tag at least #theJCS so we know you’re all submitting to the showcase, tag me too while you’re at it, lol)

Hopefully Takuto’s tweet here is a helpful template! And if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the thread or in this post. I’ll try to get to you ASAP but if I lag, Jon is usually there to help

Now then, let’s keep those submissions rolling!

Until next time~

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